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When it comes to investing in mutual funds, not many people agreed for the same so easily. Yes, many people still have that perception that investing in MF is like putting your money at risk. Well, just because the funds/schemes don’t come with surety, they are performance oriented and fluctuate on a daily basis.  As a result of which, the money invested also have the possibility to go downfall. But, this is also true that with the change in time, the perception of people towards MF has also changed a lot, hence they have started investing their hard earned money freely in Reliance mutual fund NAV.

Yes, you read that right! Being India’s leading and fastest growing mutual fund houses, it would not be wrong to say that RMF gives you plenty of reasons to invest. Today it is the preferred choice of millions of progressive investors, allows you to take a smart decision. This company with its various funds right from equity, debt, liquid to gold gives you a wider prospect to grow the money. So, let’s just dig into the all one-by-one.

Equity Funds

They can give you one of the higher returns as compared to other investment options. They are considered as ideal for those investors who are having commensurate risk appetite along with long-term time investment horizon. Talking about Reliance mutual fund offers various Equity schemes with different NAVs, whose value changes daily. Let’s take a look few of its popular equity funds below.

Reliance Banking Fund:

  • NAV as on 25 July,2017: ₹ 257.90
  • Returns Since Inception:25.77%
  • Minimum Investment: ₹5,000 for lumpsum
  • Started on: 26 May,2003
  • Top Sectoral Holdings:HDFC Bank(21.06%), ICICI Bank (14.03%), SBI(9.30%), Reliance Capital (5.66%), IndusInd Bank (5.35%), Yes Bank (4.13%), ICICI Prudential Life Insurance (3.87%), Federal Bank (3.80%), Muthoot Finance (2.85%), GIC Housing Finance (2.40%)

Reliance Growth Fund:

  • NAV as on 25 July,2017: ₹ 1,070.57
  • Returns Since Inception:23.90%
  • Minimum Investment: ₹5,000 for lumpsum
  • Started on: 8 October, 1995
  • Top Sectoral Holdings:UPL Ltd (6.45%), SBI(4.64.%), HCL Technologies(4.52%), ,Muthoot Finance (4.40%), ICICI Bank (4%), HDFC Bank (3.16%), (2.85%), Birla Corporation Limited (3.05%), Grasim Industries (2.98%), Tata Steel(2.53%), HSIL Ltd.(2.36%)

Debt Funds

They are mainly invested in a mix of debt or fixed income insecurities Talking about the returns, in debt funds returns are comprises of Interest Income and Capital Appreciation/ Depreciation in the Value of the Security due to Changes in Market Dynamics

Take a look below to know about some of the best debts funds.

Reliance Corporate Bond Fund:

  • NAV as on 25 July,2017: ₹ 13.59
  • Returns Since Inception:10.45%
  • Minimum Investment: ₹5,000 for lumpsum
  • Started on: 26 June, 2014
  • Top Sectoral Holdings:Reliance Ports and Terminals (5.82%), Idea Cellular Ltd (4.52.%), Nirma Ltd (3.75%), LIC Housing Finance (3.51%), Vodafone Mobile Services Ltd (3.46%), Panchshil Corporate Park (2.67%), Indian Railway Finance (2.67%), HDFC Bank (2.47%), Reliance Utilities & Power Ltd(2.25%) ,Bank of Baroda (2.18%)

Reliance Banking and PSU Debt Fund:

  • NAV as on 25 July,2017: ₹ 12.16
  • Returns Since Inception:9.32%
  • Minimum Investment: ₹5,000 for lumpsum
  • Started on: 15 May, 2015
  • Top Sectoral Holdings:Axis Bank Ltd. (8.87%), Export Import Bank of India (8.83%), Nirma Ltd (3.75%), HDFC Bank (6.56%), ONGC Petro Additions (5.97%), ICICI Bank (5.03%), Bank of India Ltd (4.77%),Indian Railway Finance Corp(3.81%) ,GOI (3.41%)

Hybrid Funds

It is a type of mutual fund category, categorized by a portfolio, made up of a mix of stocks and bonds, which can vary proportionally over time and can also remain fixed.

Reliance Regular Savings Fund Balanced Plan

  • NAV as on 25 July,2017: ₹ 52.29
  • Returns Since Inception:14.60%
  • Minimum Investment: ₹500 for lumpsum
  • Started on: 8 May, 2005
  • Top Sectoral Holdings:HDFC Bank Ltd. (7.90%), Grasim Industries Ltd.(5.46%), Reliance Industries Ltd(3.77%), Tata Capital Financial Services (3.31%), Infosys Limited (3.30%), ICICI Bank (3.06%), Induslnd Bank (3%),Larsen & Toubro (2.77%) ,Maruti Suzuki India (2.75%)

So, now after reading the article so far, I guess you must have known the Reliance mutual fund NAV, hence can invest smartly after going through the above shared data.


Disclaimer – Mutual Funds are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme related documents carefully before investing.



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