Grow your Idle Savings by Investing in Axis Mutual Fund

Are you happy keeping your money idle in your bank account? It’s better you don’t put your money at rest but put to work where you can multiply your money over a period of time. You must be thinking what have been talked about. That’s right! Invest in Axis Mutual Funds where your money gets ample of time and space to grow which can enhance your extra earnings.

mutual funds

In today’s time, it becomes difficult to own materialistic possession from your hard-earned money. Why not generate an extra income which can divert it for multiple usages? Prioritize your financial goals by taking different mutual fund plans offered by Axis Mutual Fund. As the fund house has varied mutual fund schemes which not only matches your financial goal but provides a strong support towards your big purchases. Whether it can be planning a vacation, buying a home, saving for retirement, tax planning ELSS or planning for your child’s higher education or buying a car and other things.

Mutual funds are the right option for you which can save you from being debt-ridden or having lower returns from bank instruments. When you consider Axis mutual fund, you are not only relying on the trusted bank i.e. “Axis” but becoming dependent on the financial expertise of fund managers for taking care of your investment. Garner effective returns through the market opportunities over a period of time for which you can be proud of and axis mutual fund schemes give you that leverage to harness plenty of opportunities available in the market. If we talk about instances such as taking benefit from fundamentals of the market i.e. soaring gold prices, political announcements, agricultural harvest etc.  which ameliorate your returns either suffered from downtrodden of the market or just being passive across the times.

Axis Bank Mutual Fund Schemes

Let’s discuss the varied schemes of Axis Mutual Fund which gives you the idea for your suitable investment:

  1. Arbitrage Funds- These funds invest in  equity, equity derivative, and debt instruments. It is designed to tap the price differential in cash and derivatives market to augment returns. The returns are dependent on the asset volatility conditions. These funds often invest a substantial portion of the portfolio in debt markets. Axis Enhanced Arbitrage Fund-Regular growth offered by Axis Bank Mutual Fund comes under this category.
  2. Equity Funds- These funds generate higher returns over a longer duration. They have a less tax liability as against debt funds. Axis Bank Mutual Fund offers equity funds under following categories:
  • Axis Equity Fund-Regular Growth
  • Axis Long -Term Equity Fund-Regular Growth
  • Axis Equity Saver Fund -Regular Growth
  • Axis Midcap Fund -Regular Growth
  • Axis Focused 25 Fund-Regular Growth
  1. Debt Funds – These funds invest in debt-market instruments such as bonds, debentures and government securities and so on. This scheme is appropriate for risk-averse investors who don’t prefer investing in a high volatile equity condition. These funds are comparatively secured instruments which provide fixed returns. Axis bank mutual fund offers the following debt funds under this category:
  • Axis Dynamic Bond Fund-Regular Growth
  • Axis Fixed Income Opportunities Fund-Regular Growth
  • Axis Income Fund-Regular Growth
  • Axis Short Term Fund-Regular Growth
  • Axis Treasury Advantage Fund-Regular Growth
  1. ELSS Funds- Equity linked savings scheme leads you to save up your tax upto ₹ 46,350 per year, provided if you invest upto ₹ 1.5 lakhs per year. Axis Long Term Equity Fund-Regular come under this category with a suitable provision of 3-year lock-in period. This scheme offers you the tax deduction under  section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The investment is made in equity markets which are subject to generate better returns over a period of time.
  2. Gilt Funds –These funds invest in government securities. It is appropriate for risk-averse and conservative investors seeking protection of their investment returns by deploying their money under the safety of government bonds.  Axis Constant Maturity 10 year fund-regular growth comes under Gilt Funds category offered by Axis Mutual Fund
  3. Gold Funds- These funds invest in exploiting the avenues of gold mining and production. They do not engage in buying gold directly but invests in the stocks of gold mining and production companies across the world. There are only two schemes of Axis Bank which falls under this category:
  • Axis Gold ETF-Regular Growth
  • Axis Gold Fund -Regular Growth
  1. Hybrid/Balance Fund: These funds invest in a mixed combination of asset classes such as equity and debt. Some of the schemes offer higher equity proportion as against debt securities and other schemes. The emphasis is to seek a proportional balance between the risk and returns. There are only four schemes which fall under this category:
  • Axis Triple Advantage Fund- Regular Growth
  • Axis Income Saver-Regular Growth
  • Axis Children’s Gift Fund-Compulsory Lock-In-Regular Growth
  • Axis Children’s Gift Fund- No Lock-In-Regular Growth
  1. Liquid Fund – These funds are known as Cash funds or Ultra Short term bond funds. Axis Mutual fund offers Axis Liquid Fund-Regular Growth in this category where the objective is to generate a high level of safety along with providing a moderate return.  

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