How to make a Credit Card Bill Payment an Easy Task

When swiping a credit card is an easy task then why paying the bill be so difficult? Credit cards make the payment simple and quick without limiting your expenditure. You can spend as much as your credit limit during the credit period. But the trouble arises when you have to pay the bill. Apart from the bill amount, mode of repayment also causes a problem.

Credit Card Bill Payment

It becomes difficult to visit the bank and stand in long queues on the date of payment and wait for your turn. You can escape the trouble using effective way of credit card bill payment. For the convenience of the customers, the bank has introduced an easy method. The detailed procedure of how to make a credit card bill payment of various banks is discussed below in the article.

The bill can be paid through both online and offline mode. With the advent of technology, it has become easy to do things without compromising on the comfort. Using the online facility the customer can pay the bills online. You can make payments using your phone anytime and from anywhere. The payment method of various banks are-

ICICI Bank Bill Payment

Through net banking- you have to follow 4 simple steps:

  1. Select your bank
  2. Provide the details of your credit card
  3. Confirm payment amount and make payment
  4. Receive online confirmation of the payment

Through debit card- It also has 4 steps to complete the bill payment:

  1. Select your card type
  2. Give all the credit card details
  3. Confirm the amount and it will be debited instantly from your account
  4. Receive the online confirmation

HDFC Bank Bill Payment

  1. Provide the credit card details
  2. confirm payment
  3. get the confirmation

SBI Bill Repayment-

You can pay the bill through NEFT payment, credit card, debit card, electronic payment etc.

Things to be Considered

There are several things that are mentioned on the bill statement provided to the cardholder which sums up all the expenditure made by the customer and detailed information regarding it is given by them.

Credit Card Number-  it is the number imprinted on the Credit Card and is also mentioned on the bill.

Summary of Account- All the purchases made by you using the credit card in past one month is mentioned. Also, the details of where and how much the user have swiped are also mentioned.

Payment due- The amount of payment due for the current month is mentioned in the credit card bill, also if any previous payment is due then it comes under Balance payment.

Minimum Amount Due– it is mentioned in the bill which is the minimum amount that can be paid for now if the user is unable to pay the entire amount. The remaining amount then transfers to the next bill and comes under balance payment. On such amount, the interest rate is charged as well.

Available Credit limit- it is the remaining credit amount of your credit card so that you can use it further. It is the total credit available to you subtracted by the credit used.

Applicable Interest Rate– the interest rate is charged if you have only paid the minimum amount due. The remaining amount will be carry forwarded to the next bill and interest will be charged.

Payment due date– It is the date up to which the user can make the payment. If the payment date is missed then the interest rate will be charged.

If you don’t want to pay extra charges then it is advisable that you should make your payments on time. Otherwise, you have to pay the penal charges. It is necessary for the cardholder to clear the dues regularly for smooth and hassle free services provided by them. If the payment is not made on time then the credit card provider will restrict the usage of the card.


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