Settle Your Bills Fastly through HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment

Do you know that your HDFC Credit Cards help you settle your bills quickly? So, no more waits nor standing in long drawn queues. Allow yourself to fastly pay your bills through HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment and that too within the comfort of your own space.

HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment Steps:

Make your every billing experience a happier one. Simply check out the instant facilities online which are provided by HDFC Bank to quickly settle off your bills:

Pay Now: Why to entangle yourself in writing cheques or balancing cheque books? Use ‘Pay Now’ for the quick settlement of your bills without registering yourself. Just follow the below mentioned steps in paying your bills:

hdfc credit cards

  • Select the location of your biller(e.g. Mumbai, Delhi etc)
  • Select from the list of billers in that location and enter the details which are asked for.  Also, keep your bill in physical format with you until you make your payment such as customer number, cycle number, bill date etc. Subsequently, you need to cross check everything before proceeding.
  • Now, authorize your payment by using your Visa or MasterCard HDFC Bank Credit Card. Feed the details of your card number,  its expiry details, CW number-3 digit number on the back of your card and the name on your card.

After submitting all your details, the processing of your payments makes its own way through a secured payment gateway which is authenticated by HDFC Bank. Once the instructions have been processed successfully, your credit card account is charged and the payment gets directed to your selected biller. Afterward, you will get an instant confirmation for the payments done. A nominal fee of  ₹ 10 will be charged for processing this transaction.

Register & Pay : If you want to pay your broadband or electricity bills, check the billers from the HDFC bank website. Later on, get yourself registered for undertaking this transaction.

  • Generate a one-time login account by going to the HDFC website. Click on ‘Register & Pay’.
  • Feed your personal details for registration in the boxes wherever required and authenticate your HDFC Bank credit card by performing ₹ 10 transactions. ₹ 10 will be blocked against your credit limit and subsequently gets released within 15 days.
  • Setup service providers towards which you want to use ‘HDFC Register & Pay’. You can continue adding and deleting billers from the list provided.
  • Choose your biller and enter the required details at the time of your bill payment. Check the pending amount on your bill and check the payment option for making an instantaneous payment with your HDFC Credit Card.

Moreover, by using ‘Register & Pay’, you can make part or interim payments subject to the terms and conditions specified by the billers.

Smart Pay : Register yourself on Net Banking for instant payment of your bills through ‘Smart Pay’. Avail 5% cash back facility subject to the conditions prescribed by the HDFC Bank. Subsequently, follow below-mentioned steps for registering yourself on SmartPay through your Credit Card:

  • Log-in to the Net Banking and click on the ‘Cards’ tabs.
  • Click on the ‘Transaction’ option under the credit cards section on the left-hand side. From the drop-down menu, select ‘SmartPay’ Online and click on ‘Continue’.
  • Add a SmartPay account if you are a new member to this account. Select your Credit Card for payment and click on ‘Continue’.
  • Enter your Contact and Credit Card details and Click on ‘Submit’. Lastly, your card is registered for SmartPay.  

Visa Bill Pay: Use HDFC Visa Bill Pay for fast settlement of your bills through HDFC Credit Card. Now you no longer have to keep a track record of multiple bills along with multiple due dates. This provision is applicable in either two ways :  Pay Right Away Service & Register and Pay Service. Simply provide the biller, enter the details of your bill and make the payment.

Standing Instruction on Credit Card: By using standing instructions you can also settle off your bills at ease. With the access to Net Banking facility, you can easily pay off your bills such as telephone, mobile, electricity bills and insurance premiums without writing cheques or waiting in long drawn queues. Moreover, you can enjoy 5% cashback facility on Utility and Telecom payments through the Credit Card facility.gramm

HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment through NEFT

Do your credit card bill payments make you more worried? Settle it fast until it gives you a nightmare. Those times have gone when you used to initially spend hours, standing in queues for clearing your cheque payments. Now you have the provision of National Electronics Funds Transfer(NEFT) for fast transfer of funds electronically to your merchant. Use IFSC Code  HDFC0000128 and settle down your payments at a faster pace.

HDFC Credit Card Customer Care

Are you facing any issues regarding your bill payments on your credit cards? Contact HDFC Credit card experienced customer care representative by calling on : 1800 266 4332 from your respective city.

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