Get Fantastic Shopping Experience through HDFC Credit Card

Still not happy with the stuff you have purchased or undergone a wrong shopping experience? Don’t have sufficient money left with you for more purchases? Don’t worry as HDFC Credit Card is here to wipe out all your worries as HDFC Credit card has all exclusive benefits for you where you can enjoy a truly rewarding experience on your shopping. Thanks to Reward Points on HDFC Credit Card where you have the option to select maximum items from your chosen store and pay partly through the redemption of Reward Points and the balance through your credit card.

But how to earn reward points in HDFC Credit Card? is still a question, which needs to be sorted out through this article here:

HDFC Credit Card Reward Points

So, shoppers get ready for extra shopping without any worries. Earn reward points on your HDFC Credit card and ease every shopping experience of valuable stuff. Go through either of the following modes:

  1. Customer Service Centres

Contact your respective customer care service centres of your location through phone banking services to know more about HDFC Credit Card Reward Points. Moreover, you can also contact us on 1800 266 4332 from the following cities: Agra/ Ajmer/ Allahabad/ Bareily/ Bhubaneshwar/ Bokaro/ Cuttack/ Dhanbad/ Dehradun/ Erode/ Guwahati/ Hissar/ Jammu and Srinagar/ Jamshedpur/ Jhansi/ Jodhpur/ Karnal/ Kanpur/ Madurai/ Mangalore/ Mathura/ Meerut/ Moradabad/ Muzaffarpur / Mysore/ Pali/ Patiala/ Patna/ Rajkot/ Ranchi/ / Rourkela/ Salem/ Shimla/ Siliguri/ Silvassa / Surat/ Trichy/ Udaipur/ Varanasi

  1.  Mail the “Redemption Form” through Post

You can also fill the “Reward Redemption Coupon Form” by providing your Product Code, Product Name, Quantity, Points to be debited and Amount to be debited to Credit Card Account (for Fas Trac items). Send this form to “Rewards Helpdesk, HDFC Bank Credit Cards Division, P.O. Box No. 8654, Thiruvanmiyur, P.O., Chennai-60041” or just drop it at your nearest Credit Cards Drop Box. Don’t forget to specify your name for being the Cardholder, Date of Birth,  Card Number, Card Expiry’s Date along with your signature and date on the coupon form. You should note that gifts would be delivered to you at your prescribed destination as per HDFC Bank records which could either take 10-15 days time for delivery of items redeemed, subject to availability.

  1.  Follow Online Redemption

You can also choose your HDFC Net Banking to redeem your reward points by following simple steps as mentioned below:

  • Visit your HDFC Bank Net Banking website and click on “Credit Cards” tab on top of the page.
  • Now, you need to register your credit card which is only a one-time activity. Within “Credit Cards” tab click on “Register New Card” positioned on left -hand side navigation bar. Enter your 4 digit Credit Card PIN to complete this registration process.
  • After registering, click on “Redeem Reward Points” link on the left-hand side navigation bar. Select your Card, Click on “Continue” to proceed to the Online Redemption portal.
  • In the homepage of “Online Redemption”, you need to click on “Redeem Reward Points”. Select “Points Range” and “Item Category” to view the catalogue. Select items by adding to Shopping cart.
  • After you have made the selection of all items you want to redeem, Click on “View Shopping Cart” link to view items selected for redemption. Quantity of items selected can be modified here by clicking on “Edit” button.
  • Go through the “Terms & Conditions” and click on the check box in order to confirm the acceptance of the same. You can also view your registered Address, Email id and Contact number. Take a note that the redeemed items shall be delivered to your address which you have mentioned during your registration process. However, due to some discrepancy, do not  proceed with the redemption and call the  Customer Service of HDFC Bank for updation.
  • Click on “Redeem” for confirming your redemption request. Note down your redemption Order Number generated as a reference to receiving your delivered items.                                   

HDFC Credit Card Apply

To avail the Reward point facility on your HDFC Credit card, make you have your credit card issued by HDFC Bank. If you wish to have one for yourself, apply for any of your desired credit card through the Net Banking facility.

  • Login to the New Banking website of HDFC Bank. Mention your customer ID which you have when you had opened an account with the bank.
  • Click on the selection of credit cards.
  • Follow the next steps and this will take up to the application procedure.
  • Afterward, fill-up the application form. Furthermore, enter your details like your full name, address,  net monthly income, date of birth, employer’s name etc.
  • The website will show you the list of all available options based on your profile.
  • Examine and thoroughly check the benefits, features, annual charges, and joining fees of each card
  • Lastly, you will have selected your own card that fulfills all your requirements.

HDFC Credit Card Customer Care

For any of your credit cards related queries, call the customer care representative of HDFC Bank by calling on :  1800 266 4332 from your respective city.

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