What to Seek in for ICICI Mutual Fund?

Every mutual fund scheme offered in the market lures the investors for earning higher returns. Nevertheless, if the money is diversified strategically among asset classes by the fund manager of the scheme can somewhat give the assurity that yes, you have started reaping better returns from your chosen scheme. The more you stay longer in the scheme, gives you an advantage of earning higher returns. Plus take care of the exit load and expense ratio of managing your fund.

If you are planning to stay in your mutual fund scheme for more than a year, no worries in such a case. In the case of earning improper returns within 6 months time, better to switch into other schemes of the same fund  house wouldn’t let you shell out more. When you consider ICICI Mutual Fund as your investment guru, assure that you have gone through the every investment objective of the scheme.

It will help you to align which ICICI Mutual fund scheme falls at a pace to your savings dream. The most feasible manner to kickstart your mutual fund scheme to understand about the company first.

ICICI Mutual Fund is an offering by ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company which is one of the largest asset management company in India. The company exists as a joint venture between ICICI Bank of India and Prudential Plc of UK and was established in 1998. The investment objective of every scheme is to reduce to gap between savings and investments to the maximum possible extent so as to let you build up your long-term wealth and value through the means of innovation, consistency and sustained risk-adjusted performance.

Investors who have their long-term and short-term affirmed financial goals can easily confide into any of the ICICI Mutual Fund schemes. As the schemes of the company are directed to deliver you the consistent returns over a predefined time period.

Features of ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund-

The foremost benefits that ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund offers to its investors are as follows:

Risk Diversification : Investors can diversify their risk by investing in a combination of equity and debt securities.

Liquidity : Investors have the provision to either withdraw partially or fully as per their own requirements.

TransparencyInvestors need to be informed where the invested money exactly goes.

Low costWhile you invest in mutual fund, there is no entry load applicable to it.

Professional managementInvestors get benefits in terms of better returns through  the  knowledge and experience of professionals in managing their funds.

Tax efficientThe tax exemption benefits are offered to the investors by investing in equity and debt funds.

Flexibility- Investors may have the convenience of switching their investment amount from one fund to another fund.

ICICI Mutual Fund Schemes-

There are various mutual fund schemes offered by ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund to its investors :

Equity Funds : These funds, as the name suggests, directly invest in the stock markets. It focusses on delivering the potential for higher growth and returns with medium to high risk by investing in shares. The management of such schemes are either active or passive style through index funds and are suited for those investors who have a long-term investment perspective.

Balanced Funds: The focal point of these funds is to reduce the gap between equity and  debt schemes. The composition of the portfolio is build up of a blend of equity stocks and bonds and that would accommodate the interests of those investors who are looking for a debt plus returns with higher levels of risk as opposed to fixed income schemes.

Debt Funds : These funds are primarily meant to invest in bonds and other debt securities. They are designed for wealth building purposes while preserving their original investment. These funds particularly accommodate those investors who wish to augment their current income while assuming low to medium level of risk.

Fund of Funds : These funds mainly invest in other mutual funds, and are meant to accommodate the diversified needs of different categories of investors subject to their risk taking capacity, return expectations and investment objectives. It provides diversification benefits to investors by investing across in different categories of funds.

Exchange Traded Fund : These funds mirror the movement of an index, a commodity or a basket of assets in close proportion and trade like shares on a stock exchange. These securities are supported by physical holdings of the commodity and invest in stocks of companies, currencies and precious metals. The benefits of these funds are the convenience of buying and selling the units throughout the day on a stock exchange.

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