Keep Your Worries Away as Bajaj Finance Personal Loan EMI Calculator is Here

Are you in a state of dilemma as which lender is best when it comes to offering the personal loan? If yes, you don’t need to look further as here we are giving answers to all your queries, solving them in least time frame. Read this article further to get your answers.

Now when we say the best lender, how do you choose which lender offers the best deal? Well, people usually look at the experience, expertise, brand value etc. My friends, whatever the reason maybe, but the actual thing is the fact that with many lenders in the marketplace it becomes difficult for all to select the one.

So, in order to keep you away from that hassle, here we are! Moreover,to avail a loan on a personal grounds, Bajaj Finance is the name you can trust! Yes, this renowned lender is worldwide known for offering the best financial services and products to those who are looking for funds/finances instantly. But, before saying yes to the lender, it is important that you should know what Bajaj Finance personal loan EMI calculator is all about.

Now, you must be wondering why so? Well friends have some patience as we are going to reveal the suspense very soon! Before saying yes to this credit facility, it is important that you should know about your EMI calculations. Yes, because knowing the same would be very helpful in the long run. With the help of this, you can actually figure out whether you would be able to afford the amount of your monthly installment or not.

Now, you must be wondering how will this happen? How can you know so much about your monthly installments without any hassle? Well, my buddy all this and in fact much more can easily be possible with a smart and effective device called EMI calculator. Yes, this unique and time-saving tool allows you to know the exact amount of your monthly payable amount within few seconds.

Furthermore, you just need to have a few credentials such as loan amount, tenure and interest rate with you. The moment you feed these details into the device, it will fetch the results for you instantly, hence helping you in knowing the EMIs. However, one thing that needs to be mentioned here is the fact that usually many people without getting involved into the calculations avail a loan, they don’t think much about the future. As a result, the consequences of the same, they will pay in the future as won’t be able to manage the monthly installment, which they will need to pay each month to the lender.

Moreover, in such case and many more, there is no denying the fact that using a calculator would be really helpful as it not only saves your time in doing the calculations, but it also gives you the accurate and exact results, hence making your loan journey hassle-free. This is the reason that not only one, but today many people prefer to use this tool so as to have a smooth ride. However, to make you understand better and to give you more clarity on the same, let’s just take the help of an example below.

Suppose, Akash Kapoor, a 30-year-old, Senior Sales Executive by profession works in a leading multinational company and earns a monthly income of ₹80,000. He is looking to avail a personal loan of  ₹5,00,000 as he wants to renovate his home. Thus he has applied for the same and the best part is that one lender is ready to offer him the same amount at an interest rate of 11.50% p.a. For 5 years. So, he accepted the offer and decided to avail the loan, but to know the monthly installments of the same he used the calculator so as to know the same instantly. So, what would be the amount that comes out from the device?

EMI:  ₹10,996

Total Interest Amount:₹1,59,778

Total Amount Payable::₹6,59,778

So, now that you know how much easy it is to know your monthly installments with the help of using Bajaj Finance personal loan EMI calculator. So, hope you keep this mind and will have a smooth loan journey.   

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